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Click Camp Vault Services

Your camping equipment is an investment in the adventures out there. Get the most out of your investment by using Click Camp Vault Services. It's the don't do-it-yourself storage solution that saves you time, money, and frees you from hassle of camping equipment storage.

Why Vault Services?

Stressing about cleaning, repacking, and storing is the last thing you want to do after a long trip. Drop it off or we can pick it up, but let us reduce your stress about the end of your trip. 

Have you ever found a spider in your sleeping bag or mold in the cooler you forgot to clean last time you used it? Click Camp hates spiders so we make sure all unwelcome guests are shown the exit before storage. We also store and maintain your equipment to avoid mold and dust. 

Camping equipment takes up space year-round. Free up space and ease your mind about the camping equipment clutter. 

Your time is valuable. Make the most of it. When you're not thinking about repacking your gear, then unpacking it, only to later clean and store it. You get to ENJOY MORE of your adventure time. So, sit around the fire longer, enjoy your breakfast, or get in one last hike.

Your camping equipment is cleaned and stored ready-to-use. So, go on that spontaneous trip or plan that trip without worrying about the last time you cleaned your gear.

Do you remember when the last time you cleaned your sleeping bag was? What about your tent? With proper care and maintenance by Click Camp Vault Services you will increase the longevity of your costly camping equipment.

What you get:

You have invested your hard earned money in this equipment. Let us worry about basic care and maintenance. We will maintain and store your equipment to manufacturer's standards. For example this means we will properly store your sleeping bag (hanging or in a bag).

At the end of the camping season we will send out your sleeping bag to be professionally laundered by a local merchant. 

We will deliver the equipment to your doorstep or your campsite within 30 miles of Reno, NV. Any additional distance we will only charge you what it costs us to get it there. Plus we will pick it up when your adventure is over.

Membership has many perks including 1 night of full-service camping by click camp. Be sure to check out the membership page.

If it's midnight and you're ready to leave, we guarantee your gear will be ready and available. 

Your equipment is stored in a pristine area that is climate controlled. Plus we make sure unwelcome guests (spiders in particular) don't tag a long with your equipment bundle. 


Here's how Click Camp is making camping equipment storage easier...

  • 1.) We pick your equipment up.

    Let our friendly team do the heavy lifting. We'll stop by when it's convenient for you and pickup the equipment you would like stored. 

  • 2.) We prepare it for storage.

    Your items are whisked away to our secure facility where they are cleaned to equipment manufacturer's standards

  • 3.) We store it.

    Once your items are cleaned to equipment manufacturer's standard they are stored in our secure facility. The facility is climate controlled and kept to the highest cleanliness standards to make sure your equipment lasts longer. 

  • 4.) We fetch it.

    Get one or all of your items back within an hour by clicking or calling. We can deliver your items or you can pick them up. Everything is bundled and ready for use. 

  • 5.) Simply return your items.

    Once you're done using your equipment either drop it off or we can pick it up. We will clean it, store it, and bundle it so it's ready for your next adventure. 

Vault Services


Click Camp's Vault Services makes storing your camping equipment easier. With vault services your equipment is professionally maintained to equipment manufacturer's standards.

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