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Crisp air, the sound of a zipper, and the first glance at an awe inspiring view is one hell of a way to wake up in the morning. At Click Camp we are making camping more convenient by equipping you for the adventure out there. With that in mind we are introducing back packing equipment rentals.

What Do You Get?

With Click Camp backpack rentals, you will get the same equipment that experts, guides, and professional athletes use around the world. We have partnered with companies that are premier in their field to bring you the best equipment the market has to offer. Our partners include Mountain Safety Research, Therm-a-Rest, and Deuter. Each of which are leaders in their given field.  

Click Camp will offer three packages in order to take the guess work out of back packing experience.


The Escape Package

Click Camp’s Escape package is exactly what you need to join your friends for an amazing back packing experience. The package includes tent, sleeping bag, and back pack. This is perfect if you are joining your friends or someone else with a little more equipment to cook for example. Finally, with every package we include a first-aid kit.    

Restful Night Package

Click Camp’s Restful package is all about getting a good night’s rest wherever you land. With this package you get everything from the escape package (tent, sleeping bag, back pack) and we throw in some items that make a good night’s rest. In order to get you a great night’s rest under the stars we will furnish you with a premium sleeping pad, pillow, and camp chair. Finally, with every package we include a first-aid kit.

Independence Package

Click Camp’s Independence Package makes any trip possible. You will get everything from the Escape Package and the Restful Package. Plus we are going to give you our cooking set that includes a stove and cookset and water purifier. Additionally, we are going to equip you with a quick dry and ultra lite towel set. In order to make sure you aren’t fumbling around at night we will provide you with an LED headlamp. Finally, with every package we include a first-aid kit.    
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