Let's help people find the magnificence of the adventure out there. ~Samuel C. CEO


Our Mission

Our mission at Click Camp is to equip our clients for the adventure that is just outside their door. 

We accomplish this mission by focusing on always being an experience multiplier, putting people first, and giving back.

Experience Multiplier

The experience is everything to us. So, whether your running one of our races we serve or enjoying a concert we continually aim to improve the experience of not only our clients but those around them too.

We do this by focusing on being the best value. This means we use great gear, we don't sacrifice your experience for bottom line profits. This also means we don't play games with pricing. The price you see is the price you pay. 

People First

Click Camp employees are on the front line delivering you high quality service at the right price. So, we make it our top priority to take care of them. 

This begins with trust. We empower our employees to solve problems at the lowest possible level. This means you get a quicker resolution and we can cut red tape. 

It is also important for us to ensure that our employees are well. So, when they are out on the road we make an effort to facilitate them experiencing all this nation has to offer. Whats more is we focus on developing and hiring our leaders from within. 

Give Back

Our business depends on many communities and we have not lost sight of this. We make it a priority to give back to our local communities whenever it is possible. Our focus is on kids in the communities around us. They are the future. We hope that by helping them disconnect from some of distractions of modern day life they will realize how great the adventure out there truly is. 

Our goal as a community partner is to provide some benefit, even if it is indirect. 

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